Friday, July 15, 2011

It was inevitable. Life sucks.

Baring fangs...

I have turned this crappy string of luck into a deep well of emotional resource material for a storyline I have been developing. I'm broadening my genre writing. Most of the time I craft high fantasy stories. I've decided to dabble into the paranormal.

Oh, not just any paranormal.

A spectrum of it.

Can't tell you anything of course.

It would ruin the surprise.

But just think of it as my way of branching out, while still keeping to my fantasy roots, because in the end isn't paranormal just fantasy anyway, but with a different stereotype? I'm not talking vampiric elves here... I'm talking about zombies and werewolves.

But--thumbs twiddling--which to choose, and why?

This'll be the shortest blog I've written so far because I can't turn away from developing the setting for too long. There's just so much in my head...

I'll keep everyone posted on when the first installment will be released, and where you can pick up a copy, or e-copy... (:


  1. You know me, I'm partial to werewo9lves. However, werewolves versus zombies. Now there's a Zombiepocalypse I wouldn't mind being a part of!

    I think it was Terry Brooks who said write in every genre you can until you find your voice...

  2. Terry Brooks, huh? THE Terry Brooks who wrote the Shannara series? Nice... The best writers tend to have the best advice. Ever notice that?

    I'm dabbling into everything. Whatever my imagination can hold onto. Have to. It's stretching my brain out. This venture into the paranormal has me thinking about my characters differently than high fantasy heroes. The story is modern, of course--for now--and allows me to use computer technology rather than simple cog and wheel or blacksmith tech for the "magic tool" and the "supernatural" powers, which are magic, too, but work just a little bit differently. Doesn't matter. I'm got a storyline that I'm playing with... and it's already changed from the initial notes.... The tale is in the telling!