Monday, August 22, 2011

Sounds Like Theme Spirit

For the past few months I've been huddled over my computer crafting a modern-day supernatural storyline, with a huge cast of characters, that, well, has taken me into a direction I was not expecting to tread.

I'm pulling out all the stops.

It's nothing I've ever attempted before. I'm pushing myself. Hard. Thanks to a few professionals in their respected fields I won't come off (crosses fingers) like an amateur...

Just for fun I decided to create a playlist for the main character cast featured in this first installment. I wasn't looking to compile a soundtrack, just something to listen to, something I could rely on for some occasional inspiration.

So, I dug around.

I'm still digging.

It's a different exercise for me, to consider a musical component as characterization, but can you honestly tell me you can't instantly recognize the theme song or a featured artist of your favorite sitcom or drama, or movie trailer?

Yeah, I can name about fifty off the top of my head... starting with Remy Zero, then The All American Rejects, and very close after that One Republic; the list goes on to include many artists my friends didn't know rotated in my playlist...

Oh, like Filo and Peri, or Eva Cassidy, or Face to Face, or Metallica.

Do any of these sound familiar?... (:

See you guys around.

It's back to the story...

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