Monday, July 11, 2011

My boy could win a shatter glass contest with his screech

If you've spent even an hour with us you'll know what I mean when I say JJ can sing.

He can belt out those high notes like Mariah Carey.

He can scream bloody murder better than the bimbo running for her life in a horror flick.

I think we can it and send it to a movie exec as a gag gift, complete with resume and glamour shot. Who knows, right? JJ might get noticed and be on his way to a wonderful career in scream acting.

Did I mention that the other day he screamed so loud my ears were ringing for about a half hour afterward? Yeah, it was that bad. Too bad we weren't cruising through an elven forest. They could have shot him in the dark.

Or better yet, send him to the School for the Gifted where Professor X can help him control his vocal chords, cuz the boy can put Banshee to shame.

Oh, yeah, I'm bragging. Because I can.

When I get around to it, I'll record him, and put it up on the blog. Maybe then, you'll have an appreciation for the absolute ear shattering screech he can produce. Then again, it's probably a precursor to some musical talent.

We have an old guitar lying around the house. First day he found it, he flexed his fingers gently, strumming the guitar with practiced ease. Not plucking at it like he was trying to snap the strings. No. Gentle, dancing, from his fingertips. Everyone who stops by comments. He's only 15 months old. Amazing.

I'm hoping to find him a good music teacher. Hopefully a teacher with ear plugs.

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