Thursday, April 14, 2011

A day with a Mexican (Buzz Lightyear)


The funniest scene in a movie I have ever seen. Sure, I'm way behind the curve on this one, but hey, better late than never, right?

Barbie grabs the screwdriver DIY-style and spins the tool at blinding speed.

Screws fly...

The lid pops off.

Hampton rifles through the instruction manual searching for the How To Reset.

He finds it.

Suddenly he's warning Rex not to hold his finger inside the hole for more than 5 seconds because--


Jiggle-jiggle. Ping...

Buzz reawakens. Hecho en Mexico!

OMG, again!

I laughed so hard I near pissed myself. But that's just the beginning.

The machismo starts flying, Buzz starts twirling, whirling, laser-pointing on tiptoe, speaking in Spanish.

Seriously, I thought Star Trek with Spanish dub was the highlight of my multicultural geekdom. You know what I'm talking about. Hearing Kirk speaking in Spanish is just money.

Until that moment.

I haven't laughed quite like that in a long time -- since the Princess Bride. And that's saying something because hearing Wallace Shawn (Vizzini ) also the voice of Rex, blurting out, "The cliffs of insanity" with that lisp of his is priceless. He played a Ferengi, too, on Deep Space 9. All the more reason to add this talented actor to the list of my favorite artists.

I'm not talking to myself, right?

You've all seen this movie?

Tell me you've seen this movie! Pixar created something magical. Alchemical, really.

After a series of near-death experiences, as though the Pixar team was channeling Armageddon with its series of impossible challenges under 12 minutes, the movie ends... with such grace and humility, the passing of a torch, the reminder that even in a coming of age story, Andy, like all of us, bridges two worlds, if we so choose to keep that torch alive.

Live life with childlike enthusiasm.

Ahhh... Moments like these remind me war and famine can be overcome with the human heart.

The credits begin to roll...

Newman sings.

Then, wait, what's this? A coda--the extra scene at the end of a movie? And, is that... Spanish guitar? Buzz's hips start swinging like Elvis.

I just lost it. The laughter, the tears; I was hysterical with mirth. Ah, what a day.

I recognized The Gypsy Kings immediately as they begin singing You Have a Friend in Me in Spanish.

That's it. That was totally it. My stomach hurt so hard.

I flew over to the computer and dove into a search for the song on iTunes...

The best shit ever...

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