Thursday, December 20, 2012

The short winter

Thanks to all of you, my readers, and my friends for checking in with me over the last few weeks and asking how progress is coming for the next installment. I’ve been quiet. I injured myself. Slipped, really. On a puddle in the bathroom created by some water bailed out of the tub by my fun-loving toddlers, who through no fault of their own didn’t realize that their dad could slip.
I did.
That unfortunate event almost ruined Super Tuesday (I recorded the election) and had to lay flat on the couch for the entire night and the subsequent five days. I popped back some pills to help manage the pain. Thankfully, my leg didn’t inflate too much but I did get a rather wonderful, large black and blue patch that did spread out from the back of my knee up and over my thigh.
The series of unfortunate events just continued from there. I got sick. I was taking some prerequisites for grad school, some family drama came up, and well, you get the picture.
Lion of the Dark… well, took a nap.
Rest assured I’m working on the next installment and with any luck it’ll be up after the New Year. Leo is about to endure his first test of friendship in the fifth installment, A Long Embrace.

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