Sunday, July 8, 2012

And so it begins... the Lion of the Dark, on Kindle

Oh, what a feeling.

I'm going through my favorite songs right now because I'm just beaming.

After a burst of inspiration a few weeks back while working on the (nearly finished) first draft of the three-part forthcoming novella series, The Crinkled Foil, through Deepwood Publishing, I got this crazy idea about vampires.

I'm not sure why, honestly. Maybe it was the coffee. Lion Kona usually gets me in an awesome mood. Best coffee I've ever had.

Maybe, it wasn't the coffee?

Perhaps it's because my family is NUTS about all things undead. Hannah, as you know, is a Twihard fan, and Shannon loves her some Zombie and Interview with the Vampire (which she can watch daily, if she was allowed to).

I enjoy the undead too... but in my own way.

Well, maybe it started there. Either way you slice it, I created this character named Leo. He's a dräcul vampire, which, in the mythos I've created, means a vampire didn't turn him by biting him. Being dräcul means he carries the gene for dräculism. And the story just went from there.

The official launch of the serial the Lion of the Dark is tomorrow, Monday, July 9, 2012, and will publish every second Monday of the month, unless for some blast of science fiction I've been recruited for the NASA shuttle program. Doubtful, but that would still be cool.

So, I'm beaming. I pre-released the first installment, Our Other Blood, not expecting it to be approved so quickly by Amazon, since the KDP site says 12 hours for the okay. Well, it got the okay within four hours of being uploaded toAmazon and the official e-mail notice about six hours later.

(In case you're wondering why I care about all these details, I'm journaling this part. A few weeks from now I'm going to forget all this experience as I'll be mind deep in writing the next few installments and working with my graphic artist to design the covers.

What's the story about? Teen angst. Leo hasn't completed his conversion from human to vampire in over a year, and as far as he's concerned the longer it takes the better. But, as he learns, supernatural delay comes with a cost.

Follow Leo monthly as he struggles with his supernatural powers, conflicts between family and friends, and most of all, himself. Should he finally take that plunge and just bite down? This and more to come...

To buy Our Other Blood, follow the link below. Thanks for reading and supporting indie authors.

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