Monday, May 16, 2011

Smallville sparked a YA story

Lately I've been crafting a story that's been approved for consideration for an anthology, and while I know exactly where the characters are headed, the good guys and the bad guys, I've been working this story for the past few weeks. Working it hard.

There's something to the setting that grabbed my attention. I think it's the humanity. The reduction of it. The absolute naked truth to the setting. I have yet to explore that richness. But it's a harsh world. And while I am fully enjoying the story I have to step away from it for a bit. There's no official date for the anthology's release but I know the date is looming.

While taking a break I was rummaging through some folders on my desktop and rediscovered a young adult story I was developing a few years back, about four years ago, I think. I got the idea while watching an episode of Smallville.

The story started out as notes, as most of my stories do. I had a main character. I had a few friends. A foil. A few villains. And the nemesis. And I had the setting, along with its magic system. But I shelved the story right around the time I was changing jobs. I cam back to it while working as a part-time newspaper designer for a citizen journalism model project and would have started it up again but was later hired as the art director for a different start-up newspaper. It's been a few years now, and I completely forgot about the series until the other night.

Man, why did I stop writing this? I was reading through my notes and some short stories I wrote about various characters and I gotta say I fell right back into that world. It's as though I never left.

It's got all the usual fantasy components, but with some modern worry in it.

I know that at some point I'm going to step back into this world and finish the stories. It's intended as a series of books. It's just a matter of time. There are just too many stories within the story I want to write. I really like these characters. Most importantly I really like the main character and his friends.

When things settle down a bit, I'm going to turn my eyes toward them and hopefully give them the ink they deserve.

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